International architecture office based in London specialised in singular buildings, interdisciplinary research and consultancy in design, technology and human interaction. Founded by Alberto Villanueva in 2014 in Madrid, IDEA offers a unique creative vision and understands the current needs of industry and education, pioneering new pedagogical methods and strategic models for partnering public and private sector organisations with academia to co-create prototypes that respond to everyday needs.


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December 21, 2018

IDEA visiting Universidad Europea de Canarias

After signing the educational cooperation agreement to undertake curricular and extracurricular activities with Universidad Europea de Canarias, Alberto Villanueva visited the institution to meet the students and being interviewed by Pablo de Souza, Course Director of the School of Architecture.

December 10, 2018

Christmas reception with the BSS at Hispania

Last Monday 10th of December, Alberto Villanueva attended to the annual Christmas reception of the British Spanish Society. This year organised in Hispania which gastronomic director is Marcos Morán, National Gastronomy Award in Spain.

November 26, 2018

Inauguration of the Mars Society London

IDEA has attended the first inaugural event of the International Mars Society London, the world’s largest and most influential space advocacy organization dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the planet Mars. Different topics were discussed with presentations of different colleagues: Andreas Klok Pedersen (BIG), Giulia Manzetti (ESA) or James Parr (NASA).


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July 21, 2018

New refurbishment and extension.

A contemporary refurbishment and extension of a house. The key to this project is making sensitive interventions to retain the charm and character or the original house while making it fit for the occupant’s lifestyle and tastes.  The living areas at lower ground floor are completely opened and reorganised to make using the space more efficient, and allow the living quarters to open directly onto the remodelled patio.  Through slim-line sliding-folding doors, the rear elevation is fully open-able allowing the entire ground floor, from front to back, to feel like an extension of the garden.

January 13, 2018

Shortlisted for the new in Amsterdam.

IDEA has been shortlisted for the final design of the in the borough of in Amsterdam. The exciting project intends to the area with a 24 hours cultural and social programme. A great opportunity to compite against other firms as such as Renzo Piano.


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May 28, 2018


January 02, 2019

Haute archicousine

New research is becoming fruitful. Is haute cousine a new form of art and design? In an era where creativity and design are part of  every industry and activity we are exploring the impact of traditional design principles in the most successful Michelin Star chefs. IDEA's director, Alberto Villanueva, will introduce his findings to Phaidon, the premier global publisher of the creative arts.

November 26, 2018

Extreme housing

IDEA is working in a paper on the relationship between geometry and architectural design. Geometry is the fundamental science of forms and their order. An understanding of the History of Architecture geometric rules and how they have been based on the ideas of proportions and symmetries formed fixed tools for architectural design. Proportions sucha as the golden section were analyzed in nature and found as general aesthetic categories across nature and art.

Mars UTOPIA applied to overpopulated new Asian cities

The awarded research on the terraformation of the planet Mars through architecture and biotechnology presented in 2015 has been the catalyst to implement these findings understanding the vernacular architecture of countries like China, South Korea and Japan.


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November 12, 2018

Mars UTOPIA cover of La Revista

Presentation of the issue #247 of La Revista. Publication of the British Spanish Society in London. It includes an article on the colonisation of the planet Mars and the Mars UTOPIA project. Presented by Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain.


July 25, 2018

Letters from the front. Issue #14 WRONG. STUDIO.

Article for the issue #14 WRONG of STUDIO magazine. The paper aims to report the most compelling content that examines everything WRONG with Architecture, Urbanism, Design, Academia, Media, Practices, Approaches, and Urban policies. The article is based on the observation of London and its urbanistic development.



July 07, 2018

Inhabiting Utopias. Time, Space and Self.

Abstract of the conference presented at the “Spatiality and Temporality” International Conference: Time, Space and Self, at Birkbeck University London in July 2018. The paper explores different approaches of creating new architectures and urban models in unknown landscapes for a Mars colonisation; exploring how to create interventions in a new space



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